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Wayside House is a women’s addiction treatment center that offers residential and outpatient treatment to women who are struggling with addiction. We believe that gender-specific treatment is the most effective way to address the unique needs of the women we serve.

Currently, women are the fastest growing population of substance abusers in the country. While this is an alarming statistic, what is even more alarming is that women are less likely than men to receive drug and alcohol treatment. There is a variety of reasons for this, including barriers to treatment such as cost, lack of education about treatment options,image-13 lack of support from family, fear, and stigma.

Once women do get into treatment, it is important to approach the treatment process with their unique needs in mind. Although little research has been done in the past in regards to women and addiction, recent studies have shown that women’s experiences, both in addiction and in recovery, are different than that of men.

Why Women’s Needs Are Different

Studies show that women become addicted faster than men and experience greater health problems as a result of drug & alcohol addiction.

Studies also show that women who attend a women’s addiction treatment center are more likely to stay in treatment, finish treatment and achieve better abstinence rates than women who don’t.

There are other factors that make a difference for women in addiction. Because of societal expectations and double standard, women deal with greater issues of stigma and judgment from friends, family and society at large. This not only creates increased guilt and shame, it can also be a barrier to treatment.

Women are less likely to be referred to treatment by employers and less likely to receive support for treatment from a spouse. Women are more likely than men to not be able to afford treatment, or have to leave treatment early due to family obligations.

A women’s drug rehab is a safe place for women. Addicted women are more likely to have experienced a traumatic experience and a women’s substance abuse treatment center offers a supportive, safe environment to open up and express themselves.

What Wayside House Offers Addicted Women

Our approach to treatment is a holistic one, and we believe in treating the whole woman, not just the disease of addiction.

Our environment is serene, nurturing and respectful. Our staff are highly trained and have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women not just during active addiction, but after recovery as well.

A Unique Approach To Healing Womenimage-24

Our gender-specific addiction treatment consists of unique and comprehensive therapies that empower, educate and encourage growth. Our clinicians work closely with the women in our program to uncover strengths and help residents find their individual voice.

Through a combination of individual counseling, group therapy and holistic therapies and treatments, our residents begin to build self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence. In addition, residents participate in twelve step programs and become a part of the recovery community.

Our women’s substance abuse treatment program continues to treat the whole woman by offering physical and mental health services for our residents including assessments, screenings for sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, and tuberculosis. In addition, dental and doctor appointments will be made and other health services and education provided.

Choose Wayside House For Women in Florida, For A Life Free Of Drugs And Alcohol

If you are a woman who is struggling with addiction and doesn’t know where to turn, our women’s addiction treatment center can help you get clean and sober and get your life back. Our women’s treatment program offers hope for women who are looking for a new way of life. If you are interested in learning more about Wayside House and its programs, contact us at 561-278-0055.