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Our History Makes Us a Very Special Place

Welcome to Wayside House – the historic and innovative addiction recovery program for women, by women. Wayside House was founded in 1974 by Dr. Susan B. Anthony, great niece and namesake of the women’s rights activist, and Phyllis Michelfelder. I feel very lucky to follow these two pioneers of women’s recovery.

We are so proud of the professional programs and services offered here and believe you will be amazed at our beautiful tropical setting. Our serene campus is complete with gazebo, brick walkways, gardens of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees, all tucked away with privacy from bustling downtown Delray Beach.

More importantly, we have a wide-range of therapeutic programs, complete with the latest therapies for treating drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring conditions, including eating disorders. To enhance the experience and increase our success rate, based on the 12-step program, we offer a wide variety of holistic services from equine and art therapies, to yoga, meditation and parenting education. Through our Posner Career Center, we help prepare women for employment and help them find jobs.

Call us, come for a tour and recommend us to your friends and families who have loved ones in need of our services.

Lisa McWhorter

Lisa McWhorter


Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Wayside House, is to be a healing environment that helps women with drug and alcohol dependence by providing them with tools to rebuild their lives, reconnect with loved ones and recover from active addiction. Our goal is to help empower women to overcome their addictions and emerge as physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy women ready to maintain sobriety and thrive.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Wayside House was founded in 1974, by Dr. Susan B. Anthony, great niece of the women’s rights advocate of the same name, and Phyllis Michelfelder. As women in recovery, these two pioneers recognized the need for a safe and supportive haven for women who were grappling with alcohol and drug addiction. With the courage to make a difference in the lives of others, Anthony and Michelfelder rallied support from a group of dedicated women, many themselves in recovery, raised $1,000, and together they turned a dream into a reality by purchasing a white frame cottage in Delray Beach. The cottage became known as Wayside House. Guided by the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, Wayside House admitted its first residential client in 1975.

Board of Directors

Kathryn I. Leonard - President

Barbara G. Backer - First Vice President

William G. Cornish - Treasurer

Elizabeth Potts - Secretary

George (Tony) Allerton 

Juliet Ciambrone

John Davidson 

Christopher Finley, Esq.

Tori D. Hodge

Lisa Hayes Jankowski

Amanda Johnson

Patricia C. McElory

Elizabeth Potts

Patricia Rosen

Darcy Weber


Phyllis A. Callaway - Director Emeritus

Dr. Susan B. Anthony - Co-Founder

Phyllis Michelfelder - Co-Founder


Lisa McWhorter - CEO

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