Wayside House
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While Wayside House’s rates are reasonable and some candidates for our programs may qualify for a scholarship or others receive our discounted rate, some of those most in need of our services are penniless or nearly so. You can help by paying for a day, a week, a month or the full 90-day program and know that you are helping one woman through the toughest battle she may ever face.

Maybe you’ve lost a loved one to the disease of addiction or are thankful for the help a loved one received from our program. Why not set up an annual scholarship in her name?

Here are our discounted rates to help a woman:

Residential Rates:

$250 for a day

$1,750 for a week

$7,500 for a month

$22,500 for the full 90 days

Intensive Outpatient Rates:

$100 a session

$2,000 for full 24 sessions