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Will you be a Wayside hero this year?! We need you more than ever!!

Photo by Irwin Goldzweig 2017 2017 has not been good to Wayside House in terms of funding from the State of Florida. We are dependent on State funding to support our treatment of indigent women who are unable to pay for our services. The exploding opioid crisis has further strained the State budget and siphoned funds away from quality residential treatment facilities—like our beloved Wayside House.  In fact, the State of Florida has cut $16 million from allocations to substance abuse treatment centers and another $4 million from mental health facilities.

In addition, the very negative publicity that unlicensed and unscrupulous sober homes in Florida has generated, has kept those needing help from coming to Florida. At the same time, the cost to treat both indigent and self-paying women continues to skyrocket.

Our leaders are working tirelessly with our state legislators to restore both federal and state funding to Wayside House. In the meantime, however, we are facing a money crunch like we have never seen before. We are worried that, in the very near future, we may have to scale back the services we provide to our women clients. This is why we need you to be a Wayside hero now!!

In 2016, Wayside House provided treatment to 350 clients, most of whom were indigent. This year, for every indigent client we serve, we need to raise an additional $100 per day for their residential treatment and $50 per day for their Intensive Outpatient services.

We hope you will be a Wayside hero and help us maintain our model of excellence in the addiction treatment community. We have depended on Wayside heroes like you since 1974, when Susan B. Anthony, great-niece of the famous women’s suffragette, and Phyllis Michelfelder, our first director, renovated an old home belonging to Delray’s first postman and turned it into a safe harbor for women to recover from addiction, regardless of their ability to pay. Because of you, we have been able to stay true to that mission for over 43 years.

Thank you in advance for being a Wayside hero in this time of real challenge.


Kathryn I. Leonard, President
Wayside House Board of Directors             

Lisa McWhorter
Chief Executive Officer