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Our Angel Fund – Changing Lives

Will you be a Wayside hero this year?! We need you more than ever!!


Dear Friends of Wayside House,

Wayside House is heading into its 45th year of saving lives and reconnecting families by helping women overcome addiction.

Women come to us broken emotionally and physically. Jeannie came to us after many failed attempts to regain a sober life and reunite with her young children. We gave her life skills and employment skills. It has been a long and painful road back. She became a star in our employment center and maintained a home with her children. This is just one of many miracles.

The cost to treat both indigent and self-paying women continues to skyrocket, but state funding falls short of paying the true cost of treatment, leaving Wayside House having to fill that financial gap.

WE NEED YOU! Please open your heart and be a Wayside House Angel.


Kathryn I. Leonard, President
Wayside House Board of Directors             

Lisa McWhorter
Chief Executive Officer