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Our Angel Fund: Make Miracles Happen

We all see and hear the tragic statistics about addiction daily. Unfortunately, many of us awaken each day mourning the loved ones who are among those devastating numbers who continue to battle or have succumbed to the disease of addiction.

Many women come to us ready for that ultimate battle and we stand ready to help as many of them as we can, just as we have done since 1974 when Susan B. Anthony and Phyllis Michelfelder opened the doors to Wayside House. The testimonials we receive tell the story of our success in helping countless women return to their communities, their families, and productive lives.

We need you to help us continue to make miracles happen for the countless women who just need a place to change; a place where people have been making the changes happen for more than 40 years – Wayside House. We believe, as our founders did, that each woman deserves a new beginning.


By contributing to our Angel Fund, you can help continue the legacy for many years to come. Our Angel Fund contributors have made it possible to add services that help immeasurably with recovery: equine, horticulture and art therapies, psychodrama, yoga and meditation, and help with parenting skills. We are honored to be designated to serve nurses and others in the medical profession and, most recently, veterans. Last year, Wayside House came full circle – helping women achieve what had been one of their most difficult feats – finding and maintaining meaningful employment – through the Tina Posner Center for Career Excellence.

With your help, Wayside House has continued to help women, no matter what their financial means may be, to get sober, stay sober and again become contributing members of their community.

Last year, we served 347 clients, most of whom were indigent. For every indigent client served, we need to raise another $100 per day for residential treatment and $50 per day for Intensive outpatient services. Additionally, one-third of clients had at least one child; over 95% of all clients served also had a mental health diagnosis; and the average age served was 34.

You make it possible to continue these successful programs and services. Your continued support will help open the doors to even more of the deserving women who need us.

Thank you on behalf of our board and staff,

Kathryn Leonard
Wayside House Board of Directors

Lisa McWhorter
Chief Executive Officer