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  • Women’s Aftercare Services in Florida
  • Women’s Aftercare Services in Florida
  • Women’s Aftercare Services in Florida

For women who have completed our Residential treatment program or our Intensive Outpatient program, we offer ongoing aftercare support. It is important to continue receiving support after you complete treatment because recovery doesn’t stop when you leave rehab. It is an ongoing process and continuing to participate in your recovery is vital in order to achieve long-term success in sobriety. Aftercare for women can help you stay connected and stay sober.

What Is Aftercare Planning?aftercare

At some point during your time in residential or outpatient treatment, you will begin wondering what will happen after you leave treatment. You may be both excited and a bit frightened at the thought of leaving the safety and structure of your program. This is normal. One way to deal with these feelings and prepare for graduation from the program is to begin your aftercare planning.

Aftercare planning encompasses several areas. It is asking yourself important questions, such as how you are going to continue incorporating recovery into your life after treatment. Will you go to meetings or groups? Where will you live after treatment? Is it a safe place? How will you deal with situations that are unhealthy or don’t support your recovery, and do you have a plan in place? Have you cultivated a support group of women who will be there for you after treatment?

These are just a few of the things that can be addressed with an aftercare plan. The idea is to tackle these issues one at a time; you don’t want to get overwhelmed! Planning ahead is important so that when you get out of treatment you are equipped to make that transition as smooth as possible. Women’s addiction aftercare planning can help.

Why It’s Important To Have A Plan After You Leave Our Women’s Drug Rehab

For many women, life after treatment can be tumultuous. You may worry about housing or finding a job. You may have legal issues to deal with. You may be concerned about running into old friends or even family members who use. Relationships can be a tricky area, especially if they are unhealthy or unsafe. You may have issues with family members or children to contend with.

All of these challenges can be met and dealt with, but not overnight and not without a plan and some support. Unfortunately, women who do not continue with recovery activities such as meetings or groups, or who do not reach out for support in stressful times are at a much higher risk for relapse. Some of the situations that can lead to relapse include living in a home with drugs and alcohol, returning to an abusive or toxic relationship, struggling to find housing or work and trying to cope with overwhelming emotions or situations without help and support from the recovery community.

Aftercare planning helps address these issues so that you are better equipped to deal with them. Participating in women’s drug and alcohol aftercare is another way to help ensure your ongoing success in your sobriety.

In addition, we always encourage our program participants to continue developing sober relationships with women through participation in twelve step programs and sponsorship.aftercare2

Utilize Our Florida Aftercare Planning Specialists

Wayside House is proud to offer aftercare planning assistance with our aftercare planning specialists. In addition, after completion of our program you will be eligible to participate in your weekly aftercare for women groups. These groups are open to women who are currently sober and actively seeking their recovery.

A therapist facilitates groups that will cover topics such as coping skills, socialization, family re-integration and reentry into the workforce. These groups are also a chance to talk about your successes, concerns and challenges and share solutions and encouragement with other women who are going through many of the same experiences. This will give you not only an opportunity to receive support, but also to give support and be of service to your fellow recovering women.

We encourage women in our program to participate in aftercare planning and take advantage of our women’s drug and alcohol aftercare program. Women who continue to stay connected to the recovery community are far more likely to achieve long-term sobriety.

Women’s addiction aftercare planning is about taking steps to care for yourself and your sobriety and create a healthy, happy and successful life for yourself after treatment. Wayside House will be there for you every step of the way so that you can move forward with confidence into your new, sober lifestyle.

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