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One of the most important things you can do after leaving a drug and alcohol treatment program is to continue developing relationships with other recovering addicts and alcoholics. During treatment, many residents find that they develop close bonds with the women in their program, and often feel a deep sense of connection with the treatment center they got clean and sober at. Sometimes after completing treatment, women may lose touch with their fellow sisters in recovery, and gradually move away from recovery activities. Don’t let this happen!

One way to continue nurturing recovery is to stay connected via a women’s addiction treatment alumni program.

Staying connected after treatment may be a key part of the newly recovering addict’s relapse prevention program. Participating in alumni programs and attending meetings is an excellent way to stay sober.

Stay Connected With Our Alumni Program For Women

At Wayside House, we love to stay connected with our program graduates, which is why we offer those who have completed our residential and intensive outpatient programs the opportunity to become a member of our women’s alumni program.

Being a part of a women’s drug and alcohol alumni program allows women who have left treatment to remain in touch with other Wayside House graduates via monthly meetings, outings and other activities.

Another reason our women’s alumni program is so special is that it gives women who have been through Wayside House residential and outpatient treatment the opportunity to give back by being of service to current residents at the program. This may mean taking a resident on an outing, sharing your experience, strength and hope at a meeting or participating in monthly activities. This is a great way to help show those who are new to treatment that recovery works. And, it gives them hope for what is possible when you stay clean and sober and connected to your recovery.

In addition, members of our drug rehab alumni hold quarterly car washes to raise money to take residents to movies and other fun activities, purchase holiday gifts and help celebrate sobriety birthdays.

Why Alumni Programs Are Important In Early Recovery

Joining an addiction alumni program for women can help newly recovering addicts and alcoholics navigate those first months out of treatment more smoothly. By looking forward to meetings with fellow program graduates, by keeping in touch with the program and getting to know other alumni members, women in the alumni program help to strengthen their recovery and their connection to other clean and sober women. This is vital to maintaining recovery and building a solid foundation after treatment.

Many current alumni members credit their participation in the program with helping to keep them clean and sober after leaving treatment. The routine of having a consistent meeting to look forward to every month may seem like a small thing, but it is these small things that can make all the difference.

The bonds that are created in treatment are often deep. The women who have been in treatment together have shared incredible moments in their recovery. This bond is often present even with alumni who did not graduate at the same time, or even in the same decade. There is an element of sisterhood among Wayside House Alumni, and that bond is enduring.

Wayside House Alumni: Join The Alumni Program Today!

If you are a graduate of  Wayside House and you are interested in becoming a member of the women’s alumni program, contact Wayside House for more information.

If you are a potential client or new client, this all women alumni program is a good way to stay connected after you graduate and a great way to give back to future Wayside House women.