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Why Planned Giving?

Each year, we are grateful for the generosity of many donors who help sustain our current programs. We all know that our addiction recovery services are crucial to the recovery of many women and will continue to be so long into the future. We want to ensure that our services are available to all who need us for years to come. Planned giving is a means of doing so without affecting your current income needs.

So, what is planned giving?

The term “Planned Giving” refers to charitable gifts that require some planning before they are made. Whether it is through cash, stocks, bonds, paid-up life insurance, Individual Retirement Account, real estate, or other financial assets, the benefits of a planned gift are immeasurable – to both the donor and our foundation. They can provide the donor with valuable tax benefits and, in some cases, income for life.

Why Leave A Legacy to Wayside House?

  • Memorializes a loved one.
  • Ensures that our aging and disabled populations receive care for many years to come.
  • Recognizes the care your loved one received here.
  • Provides an easy way to give back without affecting your current standard of living or income flow.
  • Saves on taxes and stock dividends.

Benefits for the Donor

  • Cash gifts, bequests, and devices of property to the Volen Center may be exempt from federal gift and estate taxes.
  • Charitable gifts may be deductible in computing your federal income and some state income taxes.

Be sure to consult your attorney or tax adviser regarding your own personal situation as you plan your giving program.

Enrollment is simply a matter of providing documentation to Wayside House upon creation of a legacy gift. Remember, you can name Wayside House as beneficiary for a specific dollar amount or percentage of the estate.

The chart below offers you information on the benefits of many types of planned giving. If you’d like to plan such a gift, please contact us at 561-666-9162.

Wayside House Planned Giving Chart