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  • Residential Treatment in Florida for Women
  • Residential Treatment in Florida for Women
  • Residential Treatment in Florida for Women

What Is Residential Inpatient Treatment For Addiction?

Residential treatment is round the clock addiction rehabilitation services that allow you to immerse yourself in recovery free from the distractions that can prevent you from achieving sobriety.

A residential rehab is generally set in a homelike environment with communal living facilities. Each day, residents will participate in a variety of recovery-oriented activities as part of a group, and also in individual settings. Residential inpatient treatment is structured, with set times for meals, groups and classes, recreational activities and downtime. Residents may or may not participate in household activities such as chores and meal preparation.residential-inpatient-1

Residential rehab programs may last anywhere from 28 days to one year. A typical length of treatment is 60 to 90 days. After treatment, clients may go on to an outpatient treatment program or some type of aftercare. Many graduates of treatment programs will go on to maintain contact with their recovery peers, participate in Alumni activities post-graduation, and even sponsor women who are new to the program. Staying involved after treatment is a good way to experience long-term recovery and continued sobriety.

For many people struggling with addiction, residential treatment is the most effective course of action. It allows full attention to be given to building new habits, letting go of destructive behaviors and provides round the clock support to help you get through those first challenging days and weeks clean and sober. This is a vulnerable time, and residential addiction treatment can help get you through that time so that you can experience success in staying clean and sober.

Residential treatment centers are staffed by experienced addiction counselors as well as clinical therapists who specialize in addiction treatment. The first few weeks of treatment may feel a bit overwhelming and there is a lot to learn. The staff is here to help you and support you every step of the way.

What to Expect at Our Florida Women’s Residential Inpatient Program

Our inpatient program offers a comprehensive set of services in a safe, supportive and structured setting that fosters both individual growth and recovery as well as a deep sense of community.

So what should you expect during your stay at Wayside House? You can expect compassionate, highly trained staff who are committed to your recovery and well-being. You will receive counseling on both an individual and group level, as well as therapies designed to help you heal, develop self-awareness and build self-esteem. You will learn how to recognize behavior patterns, triggers and thought processes that have created problems and held you back, and you will develop new habits and ways of thinking that will help you move forward in your recovery and in life.

Wayside House is a unique program that offers therapies and services that are not widely available at many treatment centers. Our facility is set in a peaceful, secluded and lush environment that is soothing to the soul. During your time at Wayside House you can expect to be treated with kindness, honesty and respect. We look forward to meeting you and witnessing your journey.

Wayside House Offers Specialized Residential Treatment Just For Women

residential-inpatient-2Women who receive addiction treatment at a women-only treatment facility are shown to be more successful at achieving long-term recovery. Our residential rehab for women is a comprehensive addiction treatment program that focuses on empowering women and helping them to find their voice.

Many women who struggle with addiction also struggle with self-care. Wayside House is the perfect place to get connected with yourself, learn how to care for yourself and rebuild a sense of self-esteem and empowerment. It is common for women who are addicted to also have other issues aside from that. Many women who enter treatment have suffered trauma and abuse, are struggling with depression and may have other issues such as eating disorders. The staff and programs at Wayside House recognize that it is not just about treating addiction, it is about treating the whole person.

Wayside House is a women’s residential treatment center designed for women, by women. We recognize the unique challenges faced by women in addiction and in recovery. Our program provides a safe environment to heal from addiction and begin a successful life in recovery.

Our women’s residential treatment for addiction offers a variety of unique treatment therapies including art therapy, horticultural therapy, equine therapy and holistic treatments like yoga. We also offer parenting classes, help for eating disorders and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).

Experience Our Premier Women’s Residential Treatment Facility

If you are a woman struggling with addiction, Wayside House can help. In our residential rehab for women, you will find support, encouragement, and respect. Residents enjoy our safe, welcoming and serene environment surrounded by gardens, paths, and natural beauty. Our women’s residential treatment center is staffed by caring, compassionate women who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your recovery.

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