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  • Women’s Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment in Florida
  • Women’s Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment in Florida
  • Women’s Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment in Florida

Wayside House Women's Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Wayside House offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment for women in a safe, serene and welcoming environment. Programs include inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and aftercare. There is also an alumni program for women who have completed treatment.

Wayside house provides a variety of treatments and therapies that include comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment. This is integrated into our addiction treatment services to create a holistic approach to healing and overcoming addiction.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

It is common for people who are addicted to also have one or more co-occurring issues. Some examples of this can include:wayside-3

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • And more

Too often, these issues go unaddressed in treatment. This is unfortunate because it is estimated that over 40% of people suffering from addiction have one or more co-occurring disorders.

While having a mental illness doesn’t necessarily cause addiction, it certainly contributes to it, as many people use drugs and alcohol as a way to manage or get relief from symptoms of their illness. Unfortunately, this often only makes things worse.

Why Is A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Beneficial?

One of the dangers that come with treating only the addiction is that unaddressed issues such as trauma, anxiety and depression will surface after treatment, often worse than before. This is a major cause of relapse, as the person struggles to cope with their mental illness or other issues. Using becomes a solution to dealing with the problem. It is often the only solution that they have ever known.

Dual diagnosis treatment helps women not only get clean and sober but also get control of their mental illness, trauma or eating disorder. Through therapy, education and when appropriate, medication, the client is able to address and manage both their illness and addiction, giving them the best possible chance at long term recovery, in all areas of their life.

Dual diagnosis treatment can make the difference between long-term, successful recovery and post-treatment relapse. When mental health issues go unaddressed, relapse is often the result.

Not only does dual diagnosis help women stay clean and sober, it also increases understanding wayside-4of their mental health and well-being, increases self-esteem and self-efficacy and teaches them how to advocate for themselves.

Dual Diagnosis Therapies And Treatments

Traditional alcohol and drug treatment is an effective method for overcoming addiction. Through a combination of individual counseling, group therapy and psychoeducational groups, women in treatment will learn more about the disease of addiction, and learn coping mechanisms that will help them deal with cravings and day-to-day stresses without resorting to using.

Dual diagnosis therapies go a step further. First, by acknowledging the co-occurring disorder, and by educating clients on the issue more fully. For example, many women may be aware that they have bipolar disorder or anxiety but have never been educated on the nature of the disorder, or given strategies on dealing with it. Education is empowering and is an important step in the recovery process.

Each woman entering our dual diagnosis program will be given a psychological assessment and will have a treatment plan tailored specifically to her needs.

Additional holistic therapies such as equine therapy, art therapy and EMDR/trauma therapy help women to express themselves, heal and learn new skills to manage their dual diagnosis.

Holistic therapies are central to our dual diagnosis program, with weekly yoga classes, horticulture therapy, and meditation. These help women learn how to exercise self-care, develop self-awareness and achieve balance in their lives.

For some women, medications are an important part of living with and managing their mental illness. In the past, there was a gap between mental health care and addiction treatment, and medications were often not addressed properly in treatment. Quality dual diagnosis care bridges that gap and acknowledges the important part medication can play in living a healthy life.wayside-2

Learning how to manage medication and learning how to advocate for oneself within the mental healthcare system is essential to long-term recovery.

Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment At Wayside House in Florida

Wayside House offers dual-diagnosis treatment services at their women’s treatment facility. Our program is designed to address the unique needs of women who are struggling with addiction and issues such as eating disorders, trauma, anxiety and more.

Through our comprehensive treatment services and holistic therapies, women are able to address their issues and heal from addiction in a warm, accepting environment with caring staff and a real sense of community. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Wayside House can help. Call our program at 561-278-0055 to learn more about our program.

If you or a loved one is a woman with a drug & alcohol problem, as well as a mental health disorder, contact Wayside House today at 561-278-0055 to learn more about our Women's Dual-Diagnosis Treatment program in Delray Beach, FL. Our highly trained staff of women, will help you learn how to live a sober life and manage your co-occurring disorders. Call now, don't wait any longer.