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Wayside House A Preferred Provider for Healthcare Professionals

Wayside House has been designated an approved treatment provider for the Professionals Resource Network. The Professionals Resource Network, Inc. (PRN) is a nationally recognized, legislatively enacted, private non-profit 501(c)3 organization, that is widely cited as one of the premier programs for impaired health care professionals in the U.S.  It is one of the two programs designated as the State of Florida’s Impaired Practitioners Programs (the other being the Intervention Project for Nurses – IPN).

The designation means Wayside House is now approved by the organization to provide outpatient services aimed at helping impaired nurses regain or retain their licenses.

The scope of professionals included under PRN are: doctor of medicine; doctor of osteopathy; dentist; veterinarian; podiatrist; chiropractor; psychologist; optometrist; pharmacist/pharmacy technician; medical student; clinical social worker; marriage/family therapist; mental health counselor; physical therapist; physician assistant; speech and language pathologist and audiologist; occupational therapist; respiratory therapist; licensed midwife; emergency medical technicians and paramedics; orthotist; prothetist; massage therapist; optician; medical physicist; acupuncturist; radiation technician; physical therapy assistant; dental hygienist; dental assistant; anesthesia assistant; clinical laboratory personnel; dietician/nutritionist; hearing aid specialist; nursing home administrator; athletic trainer; and electrologist.

Due to increased education of licensed health care practitioners, hospitals and other employees, health care practitioners participating in PRN do so voluntarily instead of being reported to or by DOH/DBPR. This allows PRN to maintain an individual’s confidentiality and limits the  negative impact on his/her life.

Get Your Life and Career Back At Wayside House

If you are a healthcare provider and are struggling with addiction, there is a solution. Wayside House can help you overcome your addiction and provide a sense of support and safety as you recover from this disease.

If you want to know more about Wayside House and PRN, contact us at 561-666-9149 to speak with someone today.