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  • Intervention Project  for Nurses (IPN)
  • Intervention Project  for Nurses (IPN)
  • Intervention Project  for Nurses (IPN)

Wayside House is an approved treatment provider for the Intervention Project for Nurses, Inc (IPN). We are proud to offer this service to help nurses in the community heal from their addiction.

It is estimated that at least 10 percent of nurses have a substance abuse problem. Nurses who become dependent on or abuse drugs are often terrified of losing their profession, reputation and the ability to continue helping others, something that is so important to them. It is often this selfless care for others that can contribute to addiction, as well as the accessibility of prescription drugs. Nurses often work long hours with little in the way of breaks. Exhaustion and constantly caring for others without taking the time to care for themselves can result in depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, pain, and injury.

The proximity and accessibility of drugs, combined with the knowledge of medications and how they work, often result in nurses using them outside of a legal prescription. Diverting drugs from their place of employment may soon follow. Eventually, the nurse will get caught. Fortunately, there is a program in place that can help nurses who are struggling with addiction get the help that they need to overcome addiction and get their lives back. This program is the Intervention Project For Nurses or IPN. It provides a means for nurses with addictions to maintain or regain their licenses to practice by continuing support and counseling after rehab.


What Is The Intervention Project for Nurses?

The IPN program is Florida’s state approved alternative to discipline program for nurses (F.S. 455.261). IPN functions under contract with the Florida Department of Health. IPN was established via legislation in 1983 in order to provide an alternative to discipline on a nurse’s license and to provide monitoring and advocacy to ensure public safety. IPN provides an opportunity for nurses to be retained in the nursing profession.

IPN services include the coordination of fitness for practice evaluation, treatment referral options, monitoring and support to nurses. IPN’s primary mission is to enhance public safety by assisting nurses and CNA’s whose practice has been or maybe compromised due to substance abuse, and/or psychiatric, psychological, or physical conditions. Referrals may come from the Florida Board of Nursing, employers  or nurses may self-report to the IPN program. Since its inception, IPN has assisted more than 20,000 nurses.

How Does the IPN Program Fit In With Regular Addiction Treatment?

The IPN program is not rehab, it is a supplemental counseling and support program that helps nurses return to their careers. It does not replace residential or outpatient treatment; it helps nurses keep their license to practice. The contract period for IPN can be up to five years. During this time, the nurse must commit to weekly IPN groups and random drug testing. This goes far beyond the normal addiction treatment program, and with good reason. It is imperative that nurses get continued support for their sobriety and are monitored to make sure they continue to be clean and sober while they practice. The IPN serves as a safeguard that ensures that recovering nurses who practice can remain healthy enough to do their jobs, and gives them ongoing support so that they can continue the recovery process.

Additional Service offered at Wayside House


We have weekly support groups for nurses enrolled in the IPN program at Wayside House with an IPN-approved facilitator. The group provides support for the nurses while in the IPN program. All participants must be assigned to the group by IPN prior to attending.

Weekly topics vary and, because Wayside House is a women-only program, topics not only are targeted toward specific issues among nurses, but among women. This is a safe place, and a place of support where you can feel free to open up in a welcoming, peaceful environment.

The Intervention Project For Nurses Facilitated Nurse Support Group is not a replacement for other outside recovery activities, such as 12-step meetings. It is important to remain committed to ongoing recovery through active participation in the recovery community.

If you want to know more about the Intervention Project for Nurses, please call 1-904-270-1620.