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  • Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida
  • Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida
  • Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida

After completing a residential treatment program, most women find themselves wondering what’s next? While graduating from treatment is an accomplishment and an exciting time, there may be some hesitation to leave the safety and support of treatment behind. You have done a lot of work on yourself in treatment, but perhaps you still struggle with issues around guilt, shame, family relationships or other problems. Maybe you are fearful of relapse, or just nervous about re-entering the “normal world.”

These fears are common. As much as residents may look forward to completing their program, transitioning back into life outside rehab can be overwhelming. There are so many challenges in early recovery, and it helps to have some support to help deal with them.iop2

Relapse is a fear that many people leaving a residential program have. Getting out of treatment means leaving the safety of a controlled environment. The first couple of months after treatment are a fragile time, and relapse is a reality. This is where a women’s intensive outpatient program can help, although you do not have to graduate our Residential Treatment program to enter into

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) can be tremendously beneficial to women who are looking to strengthen their sobriety. At Wayside House, we offer intensive outpatient for women in the form of a 24 session, highly structured therapeutic program. The aim of the program is to teach women sober coping skills  and relapse prevention so that they can remain successful in their recovery.

Why Intensive Outpatient Is Suggested After Treatment

Life after treatment can be full of challenges and hurdles. There will be ample opportunities to practice the many skills you learned in treatment, but sometimes it is helpful to have additional support.

After years of active addiction, the newly clean and sober woman may be experiencing a myriad of emotions and situations. Not only that, but she may be faced with old friends or even family members who are actively using. Other issues such as relationships, finances, looking for housing or trying to find job training — all of these things can pile up and cause overwhelming feeling. It is often during these times that relapse is a concern. The temptation to deal with powerful feelings or stressful situations by using may still feel like a strong instinct.

An IOP for women can help you stay committed to your sobriety by offering a supportive place to learn new skills, address issues that may be coming up and provide educational and enriching opportunities for growth.

Having extra support in the form of a women’s intensive outpatient program can make a huge difference in your early recovery, giving you the confidence to continue making your transition into life after treatment.

What You Can Expect At Our Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida

iop-1What happens at a women’s IOP? Each session is highly structured and led by an experienced clinician. The purpose of the topics offered is continuing education, support and relapse prevention. Some examples of session topics include Re-parenting, empowerment, vocational skills, resentment, self-esteem, and spirituality. These topics are relevant and often timely for women in early recovery.

Relapse prevention is a priority at our women’s IOP. You will explore topics such as dealing with cravings, how to confront situations where you may be offered drugs or alcohol, what are the signs of “relapse mode,” how to build a support group and more.

Ideally, intensive outpatient for women will be combined with attendance at twelve step meetings and other recovery activities. Our program is an 8-week program that consists of evening sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Pregnant and postpartum women are welcome.

Continue Learning How To Live A Sober Life At Wayside House

Treatment is just the beginning of your recovery journey. IOP for women is a continuation of that journey. It allows you to remain immersed in a supportive environment that supports your efforts to stay clean and sober while still allowing you the time and the freedom to move on with other areas of your life.

Intensive outpatient for women will give you the skills you need to navigate life after active addiction. From getting that first job after treatment to mending fractured family relationships, Wayside House will be there for you.

If you would like to know more about Wayside House women’s intensive outpatient program, contact us at 561-278-0055 to make an appointment for an assessment.