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Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease that affects virtually the entire population. Men and women from all walks of life have fallen prey to this highly destructive disease, which is why addiction is often described by the term “epidemic,” particularly with regard to substances like heroin and opioid painkillers. As such, it’s important for individuals who suffer from addiction to be able to access high-quality addiction treatment that can address their unique needs and preferences.

Wayside House is a premier addiction treatment facility for women who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Comprising approximately half the population, women are known to have a very unique set of needs that aren’t typically met by co-ed addiction treatment programs, which is why Wayside House has made a point of offering a rehabilitative curriculum that can address the circumstances and cultural issues women often find themselves facing in the current socioeconomic climate. Moreover, Wayside House offers addiction treatment programming that’s been customized for female veterans, a unique and much-needed specialty.

What to Expect From Wayside House

Much as there are numerous ways to develop a substance abuse problem, there are multiple ways to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Of course, some of the most well-known recovery resources including inpatient, or residential-style, treatment programs and support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. However, even among each type of program there exist some key differences that distinguish higher-quality programs from the more run-of-the-mill type that don’t tend to offer the level of customization that’s necessary to achieve lasting success in recovery.

At Wayside House, we recognize that women have unique needs and are often subject to certain factors that lead to the development of addiction. For this reason, our addiction recovery programming focuses on addressing those cultural, emotional, social, and even biological needs that women face while still offering the cutting-edge psychotherapies and evidence-based treatments proven to be most effective in treating addiction.

One of the key differences between Wayside House and other treatment providers is that, in addition to specializing in addiction treatment for women, we offer several program types and a diverse array of treatments. This allows for an incomparable level of individualization and customization for our patients. Rather than being forced to adhere to a predetermined curriculum, our programs can be customized to a very large degree, ensuring that each of our patients is able to have her unique needs and preferences met.

In addition to being able to meet each patient’s unique needs, we strive for excellence in rehabilitation at every turn. The base curriculum of any addiction treatment program at Wayside consists of psychotherapy and counseling, which are crucial to understanding the factors that led to the development of an addiction. Moreover, a foundation of psychotherapy provides a means with which to ensure that those root causes of addiction don’t contribute to a relapse in the future. Beyond psychotherapy and counseling, patients can choose from a variety of psychoeducational and interpersonal process groups, group therapy sessions, and a range of holistic treatments that include equine therapy and art therapy. In short, Wayside House strives to give each patient every possible tool she needs to experience optimal results as part of recovery.

Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment For Women Veterans

Veterans are individuals who have bravely served for a length of time in the American Armed Forces. While the bravery and integrity of an individual who serves in the Armed Forces should be commended, being a veteran isn’t without its risks. For example, the experience of being in active combat zones has been a catalyst for post-traumatic stress disorder among some veterans; in turn, post-traumatic stress has been identified as a potential contributor to the development of substance abuse disorders. As such, veterans tend to exhibit elevated rates of substance abuse and addiction as well as higher rates of other emotional disorders and even suicide.

With there being so little substance abuse treatment tailored to the needs of veterans, Wayside House offers programming specifically for female veterans who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Like our other specialties, including programming for Seminole women and expecting mothers, our programming for women veterans incorporates an emphasis on factors that are most beneficial to veterans, including offering support for post-traumatic stress disorder and providing intense emotional support. By the completion of the program, our patients will have gained the tools required to manage any lingering stress they may be experiencing and will be able to maintain sobriety while being functional, contributing members of their communities.

Are You Ready to Take Your First Steps Toward Recovery?

Whether you’re looking into treatment options for a loved one or researching the Wayside curriculum for yourself, Wayside House offers a one-of-a-kind treatment experience. Our treatments are led by a team of experienced, compassionate professionals, each of whom is personally invested in the success of our patients. Moreover, Wayside House seeks to impart a level of personal empowerment and inner strength as part of the recovery process, helping patients to become the strongest and best versions of themselves.

For incoming patients, the first step of enrolling at Wayside House is to complete a consultation and initial assessment, during which time we will assess a patient’s substance abuse disorder in order to provide tentative program and curriculum recommendations. At this point, we will schedule the incoming patient to one of our weekly orientations that will familiarize newcomers to the unique and empowering environment we have created. Following orientation, it’s a matter of intake and beginning the rehabilitation process through treatment.

If you have any questions about our curriculum for women veterans, or if you’d like more information about one of our other specialties, call Wayside House at 561-278-0055. Our intake specialists are available at all times to take your call and help you take the first steps toward lasting sobriety and health.