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It’s an illness that has affected generations of Americans while having recently reached epidemic-level proportions. Specifically, we’re referring to addiction, a chronic relapsing disease that robs individuals of their physical and overall health, relationships, career opportunities, and oftentimes their lives. For this reason, it’s important for those who suffer from addiction to have access to high-quality, comprehensive addiction treatment programs that can address an individual’s unique recovery needs, making it possible to achieve lasting stability and health.

Wayside House is a premier treatment facility for women located in Delray Beach, Florida. Since addiction affects each individual in unique ways, those who seek recovery require treatment that can adapt to unique circumstances, preferences, and backgrounds, and that’s exactly what Wayside House can do, particularly for women. Whether you’re a woman with specific spiritual or cultural preferences, an expecting mother, or someone requiring treatment for a dual-diagnosis, Wayside House has the right program for you.

What to Expect From Wayside House

Addiction has historically been difficult to treat effectively because there’s so much variation in how people become addicted and are affected by addiction. In response to the variation inherent in addiction and recovery, there are a multitude of ways to overcome an addiction with residential programs and twelve-step support groups being just a couple of the most well-known. However, according to the latest evidence, individuals who experience the greatest success in recovery are those who seek treatment that can be tailored to their specific needs and preferences, and this individualization starts with a facility that offers adaptable, high-quality programming.

At Wayside House, we offer several different types of addiction treatment programs, each of which has been designed to address substance abuse disorder in a unique way. For example, our dual-diagnosis program was created as a way to combine the treatment of substance abuse with the treatment of other disorders that are oftentimes related to addiction, including bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and so on. Additionally, Wayside House offers residential treatment services for women; in this program, our patients reside in our state-of-the-art residential facilities while participating in an in-depth treatment program. But that’s not all: We also offer intensive outpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services, among others.

One of the features that really sets Wayside House apart from other treatment providers is our commitment to utilizing the most advanced, evidence-proven rehabilitation methods and cutting-edge treatment techniques. As a baseline, virtually all our programming has a foundation of intensive psychotherapy and individual counseling through which patients can uncover the root causes of their substance abuse problems and ensure that these circumstances don’t lead to relapses in the future. Beyond counseling and psychotherapy, patients participate in a variety of psychoeducational and process group therapies, which are forms of addiction treatment that are often used to instill essential skills that help patients maintain long-term sobriety. Additionally, there are a variety of holistic and supplemental therapies on offer, including equine therapy, art therapy, and life skills therapy.

Specialized Addiction Treatment for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is often considered a period of reflection and preparation. Even in the most optimal conditions, an expecting mother becomes acutely aware of her body and often strives to learn more about her growing infant’s needs. Of course, the stresses of being in active addiction are a danger to both an expecting mother and the unborn fetus, which is why addiction treatment for expecting mothers is such a necessity. According to a survey conducted in 2010, only nineteen states offered addiction treatment programs tailored to the unique needs of pregnant women. At Wayside House, we have made it our mission to offer one of the most comprehensive and effective addiction treatment programs for expecting mothers.

As you’re surely aware, there are numerous considerations to make when a woman is expecting a child. For instance, there are concerns related to diet, the effects of the mental and emotional state on the fetus, the impact that one’s environment can have on the gestation period, and the list goes on. Of course, studies have shown that the consequences of substance abuse during pregnancy can be dire, but there are also some misunderstandings regarding prenatal addiction. In particular, the human fetus is far more resilient and adaptable than you might imagine; although substance abuse is surely a risk to a fetus, it’s never too late for an expecting mother to get sober. In fact, a fetus that may have been put at risk due to a woman’s substance abuse can quickly “catch up” once she becomes sober and resumes a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re an expecting mother who suffers from chemical dependency, there are a number of reasons why Wayside House should be your first choice for recovery. Perhaps most importantly, we have designed our program for expectant mothers around the needs of both the mother and the fetus. As such, many of the touchstones of our program involve establishing and maintaining a well-rounded diet, helping patients to achieve a state of mental and emotional serenity and education. The ultimate goal of our program is to not only help a patient get sober but to help her unborn child thrive during gestation in preparation for a successful birth and health.

A Premiere Women’s Treatment Facility

Wayside House is a unique addiction treatment facility for women. Not only do we welcome expecting mothers, we also offer programming for Seminole women, or women who ascribe to the Florida-native Seminole tribe. Of course, this means that we’re extremely sensitive to spiritual proclivities and cultural preferences; in fact, we strive to make our facilities conducive to women from all walks of life, a challenge that we have been delighted to meet.

In addition to being a very inclusive treatment facility for women, we pride ourself on incorporating a variety of creative and innovative therapies. For this reason, we are uniquely equipped to meet a wide variety of recovery needs.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step Toward Recovery?

Whether you’re researching treatment options for a loved one or seeking help for yourself, Wayside House is a groundbreaking treatment center in Florida. If you would like more information about the recovery services we provide, or for a free consultation, please call Wayside House at 561-278-0055. We offer weekly orientations for new patients, so don’t wait another moment to take the first step toward lasting recovery and health.