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Addiction robs people of their lives in many ways. For some women, using has become such a way of life that they have forgotten how to do many of the simple, everyday things that are often taken for granted.

In some cases, women who come into our program were themselves raised by addicts and alcoholics and were not shown the skills needed to move successfully into adulthood. Many people begin using substances addictively in childhood, and simply do not progress and grow. This is where life skills training for recovering addicts comes in.

What Is Life Skills Training?

Life-skills training at Wayside House encompasses multiple tools and skills. Women leaving treatment face a variety of challenges, and it is important that they be prepared to meet them. Life-skills training may include vocational topics such as job searching, resume building, interview skills and more. Everyday communication skills benefit all areas of life. Things like grocery shopping, setting a budget and managing time are all vital to the management of everyday life. In the second phase of residential treatment, there is a greater focus on some of these practical matters, such as job searching. Women in our program will have plenty of opportunities while still in treatment to navigate some of these issues.

Parenting Skills For Addicted Womenimage-26

It is estimated that 70% of the women that enter treatment centers are also mothers. Many of those women are the adult children of addicts and alcoholics. Addiction affects all areas of parenting.

For women in recovery, the subject of parenting is often painful. The level of guilt and shame often felt by women in their addiction can be just as debilitating as the disease itself. Once in recovery, those feelings persist, and can be a huge barrier to sobriety. Unaddressed guilt and shame often lead to relapse. Lack of parenting skills in recovery can lead to overwhelming and more feelings of guilt and shame, becoming a vicious cycle. Parenting skills for addicts is a growing area of need as more and more women and mothers are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Mothers in their addiction are unable to provide for their children emotionally and often physically. There are numerous issues facing children of addicts, including impaired development and cognitive ability, behavioral issues, and emotional problems. Many women in treatment experienced a trauma and abuse themselves as children, and are in need of therapy to address these issues.

Parenting skills for addicts is designed to help women parent more effectively, bond with their children and move beyond the guilt and shame in order to recover, achieve long-term sobriety and become the parents that they want to be.

The Importance Of Life Skills Training

Getting out of treatment and back into “normal life” is challenging in many ways. Resuming parental responsibilities and finding employment or affordable housing is sometimes an obstacle. Balancing parenting with work, recovery and household responsibilities is a tall order for anyone, let alone someone who has just recently gotten clean and sober. This is one reason why life skills training for recovering addicts is so important.

For many women, there is a serious lack of confidence in their ability to do many of these basic life tasks. Whether it is because they haven’t done them in a long time, or because they have never had the opportunity to do them, low-self esteem and fear of the unknown can make living life outside of treatment seem overwhelming and even impossible. Without confidence in their ability to take care of themselves out in the “real world,” many women find themselves at risk for relapse.image-21

This is another reason why Life Skills Training and Parenting Skills are so important for women in recovery. Building a sense of confidence and skill can make moving forward far less overwhelming. Women can move on after treatment with the knowledge that they have the ability to tackle life’s challenges and responsibilities.

Support is an important piece of the puzzle as well. Learning how to reach out when help is needed is as valuable a skill as any, and is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Throughout treatment, women are encouraged to build a support group in the recovery community and to develop relationships with other women who can be there for them.

Get Your Life Back At Wayside House

If you are a woman with a drug or alcohol addiction Wayside House can help you get your life back. Addiction robs women of their self-esteem, identity, confidence, and dignity. It may feel like too much has been lost, but this is not the case. With treatment and life skills training for recovering addicts, you can not only get back the life you have lost, but build a new life that is better than you imagined. If you are ready to make that change, contact Wayside House today at 561-278-0055 for more information.