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Medical Society Honors Our Dr. Ann Laughlin

Medical Society Honors Our Dr. Ann Laughlin

Written by: Marlene Passell | Date: May 11, 2018

Dr. Ann Laughlin, psychiatrist and Wayside House’s medical director, was honored recently by the Palm Beach County Medical Society as one of its Heroes In Medicine. She was nominated because of her work in the substance abuse arena, providing services and training, as well as advocacy.

Dr. Laughlin has been the chief medical officer at South County Mental Health Center since 1991 and has provided services to Wayside House since 1996. She spends several hours a week at Wayside House performing psychiatric evaluations, approving medications, consulting and signing off on prospective residents, among other things. 

In nominating Dr. Laughlin for this award, Wayside House CEO Lisa McWhorter said, ”

It is because of her leadership and outreach over the past 26 years in the field of mental health that the lives of thousands of medical professionals and clients have been impacted. She is truly a champion for behavioral healthcare in our community and deserves recognition for her continued dedication to ensuring that best practices are achieved in treatment.

Dr. Laughlin has been involved with Wayside House since 1996, serving as its medical director since 2004. In that capacity, Dr. Laughlin has guided staff in the use of best practices in behavioral health care, ensuring that clients, most of whom are low-income and uninsured, receive top-quality care. As Chief Medical Officer at South County Mental Health Center, Dr. Laughlin works with the Miller School of Medicine to help train new physicians in the field of psychiatry. She also works with a coalition of organizations and partnerships in the mental health and behavioral health community. 

As an adjunct professor at Barry University and Affiliated Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, she devotes her time and skills to educating the medical profession, interns, and volunteers on behavioral health practices. The field of psychiatry is not an exact science and it takes someone like Dr. Laughlin to help others hone their skills to serve clients suffering from mental illness. 

She deserves to be honored for her commitment, passion and dedication to an area of medicine that is now more than ever in need of heroes.