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Addiction is a chronic deadly disease that has affected the entire demographic spectrum. Here in the United States and especially in Florida, countless individuals from a variety of cultures and all walks of life have been ravaged by this ongoing epidemic. Whether it’s from alcohol, opioids, cocaine, or one of any number of other addictive substances, the effects of addiction are very real, extending to families and even entire communities.

At Wayside House, we have made it our mission to offer comprehensive treatment that’s fine-tuned to the needs of women suffering from substance abuse problems. Moreover, we offer a residential treatment program that’s tailored to the unique cultural needs and preferences of Seminole women. As such, we would like to take a moment to inform you about this very important program and what it can offer the Seminole woman in your life.

What to Expect From Wayside House

There are many ways to overcome an addiction, but some methods are more successful than others. According to the latest evidence, residential treatment programs afford the greatest levels of success in recovery when compared to any other type of treatment. For this reason, Wayside House has cultivated a reputation for excellence in providing residential addiction and substance abuse treatment for women.

But what is a residential treatment program? In short, a residential program is one in which the patient takes up temporary residency at the treatment facility. This is sometimes referred to more generally as inpatient treatment. However, the key difference between inpatient and residential treatment is that the latter can span for a much more significant amount of time, giving patients the opportunity to benefit from treatment to the fullest possible extent. In some cases, a residential program can last for as much as a year, but the length of a program is decided on a case-by-case basis; in other words, a residential program will only last for as long as the patient may need it.

Even among residential treatment providers, Wayside House is unique in that we offer a comprehensive, structured, and very supportive environment in which to pursue recovery. In our experience, this encourages profound personal growth, a deep sense of community, and much stronger chances of achieving lasting sobriety.

At Wayside House, a patient will participate in the latest and most proven therapies, which are implemented by a staff of highly experienced and compassionate staff, each of whom is deeply committed to our patients’ recoveries and their overall well-being. In terms of the specific components of our programming, a new patient can expect to participate in both individual and group-style therapies as well as a variety of other styles of treating, providing ample opportunities to help individuals heal, establish a sense of self-awareness, and foster greater self-esteem, which are essential ingredients to one’s success in recovery.

Specialized Residential Treatment For Seminole Women

The Seminole people are a Native American group with an established history and prominent presence here in Florida. As with other ethnic and demographic groups, there have been numerous Seminoles to be affected by the recent addiction epidemic, which is why Wayside House now offers a residential treatment program specific for Seminole women.

With our residential treatment program for Seminole women, patients can overcome substance abuse and addiction in a program that is sensitive and accommodating to their cultural and spiritual affiliations. Rather than being a general program with no demographic specificity, this is a program with a customized curriculum and approach that’s intended to make recovery attainable for Seminole women who are experiencing substance abuse problems. While in our program for Seminole women, patients will benefit from having a safe environment in which to overcome addiction while the curriculum provides the cultural affirmation that isn’t available at other facilities.

A Premiere Women’s Treatment Facility

Although there are countless reasons why an individual might develop a substance abuse problem — i.e., peer pressure, exposure to drug abuse during adolescence, curiosity, self-medication, etc. — studies have shown that women tend to exhibit many of the same catalysts when it comes to the sources of their substance abuse problems. For example, it’s unfortunately common for women to have low self-esteem and/or to have low opinions of their physical appearances; these issues can be a factor in the use of alcohol or drugs for self-medication and eventually for recreational purposes.

Since women often share many of the same circumstances that contribute to addiction, it’s important for women to have access to addiction treatment that can address these specific needs. Wayside House is the premiere women’s treatment facility for Seminole women in Florida as we recognize that women tend to experience greater levels of success in recovery when their addiction treatment can accommodate for many of the issues and factors that are particularly pertinent to women. Because we recognize the unique challenges that women face even in contemporary society, our treatment programs have been developed by women, for women, and this approach to recovery has helped us to craft a curriculum that not only addresses the key tenets of recovery but also helps women to feel empowered.

Are You Ready to Take Your First Step Toward Recovery?

There’s no wrong time to take the first steps toward lasting sobriety. Whether you’re researching treatment options for a loved one or investigating for yourself, Wayside House has managed to help countless women become stronger, better versions of themselves through the power of self-actualization and positivity.

If you would like more information about our treatment program for Seminole women, or to learn about one of our other recovery programs for women, call Wayside House at 561-278-0055. We offer weekly orientations for new patients, so take the first step toward your new life by calling us today.